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...vom 29.10-4.11.2012 bei uns. Alle Wodka´s + Energydrink als Longdrink für nur 5,-€. Und passend zum Sturm Sandy in den USA gibt es den HURRICAN ( Old Pascas White, B2 Vodka, Grenadine, Orangensaft, Anananssaft, Maracujasaft, Lime Juice) als WOCHENCOCKTAIL für 7,90€. 2 zum Preis von 1!!!

...soll es kalt werden. Aber nicht bei uns. Wir heizen von innen mit der HEIßEN LAWINE!!! Leckerer Becherovka mit Glühwein in Stilechter Tasse. PROST!!!

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In addition to cozy evenings in good company, we also offer an extensive breakfast menu, coffee specialties and excellent wines, long drinks, cocktails, other beverages, as well as an extensive selection of dishes from fish, poultry, meat and vegetarian dishes .. On our website you will find all necessary information and opening times, as well as deals and prices.

We would also like to invite you, to gain an impression in the photo gallery of our house.

opening times
Café daily from 10:00 clock
Restaurant daily from 11:00 clock

Disabled Access
The Barococo is designed structurally Handicapped Accessible. Thus, people with disabilities have no problem in Barococo.

The team of "Barococo" in Dresden is looking forward to your visit.