the Barococo


cafe / cocktailbar


about us

The restaurant "Barococo" is since April 2000 in the premises of the Old Market 10 in Dresden.

Received daily from 10.00 clock, we have our own cafe "Baroque" with a varied breakfast menu and a large selection of different coffees. For afternoon coffee, a variety of pastries, cakes and pies. The restaurant is open daily from 11.00 clock with through kitchen.

Due to popular demand, we have the end of 2006 focused mainly on our menu on seafood and rebuilt the restaurant on the 1st floor accordingly. The card contains species of fish and seafood from local waters, the North and Baltic Seas and the oceans. Furthermore, the kitchen holds but also provides typical Saxon and light Mediterranean cuisine. The menu is complemented by a large selection of Saxon, national and international wines & spirits.

Daily in our cafe is the "Cocktail Time" instead. Here we get two cocktails for the price of one!

Every last Friday evening of every month (except May-August) of the dance takes on the "balcony of the Old Market" instead.

Admission for this is free and each guest will receive a glass of Prosecco for free!

For larger events of all kinds are our small & large basement king, and the salon "Königstein" available. There you can enjoy loud parties in peace. Specifically for that we also offer a customized range of menu and buffet suggestions, which are tailored to customer requirements.