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the Managing Director:

Holger Köster & Andrè Rütz

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Restaurant „Barococo“

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represented by
the Managing Director:

Holger Köster & Andrè Rütz


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Terms of Service

the Köster Rütz-Gastro GmbH – referred to as Restaurant -

A. the scope
1. First The present General Terms and Conditions govern contracts for events, and events for all services provided to the guest / customer services of the other restaurants.

2. Should be the present General Terms and Conditions contain different or conflicting provisions in the terms and conditions of the guest / customer, find the guest / customer used terms and conditions do not apply. Would be different only if the validity of the terms and conditions of the guest or customer has acknowledged in writing by the restaurant.
B. contract
1. If a space ordered by the guest / customer, then an event contract is due to a corresponding signature of the restaurant about.

2. The conclusion of the accommodation contract obligates the contractor for the duration of the contract to fulfill the contract. If the booking is not the guest / customer, but a third of these made??, this is liable to the restaurant for all obligations under the agreement, if it proves no authorization of the guest / customer for the reservation.

3. Without the prior written consent of the restaurants and the sub-letting of the licensed premises and their use is prohibited for purposes improper use.

4. Option bookings are binding on both parties. The restaurant reserves the right to forgive after the expiry of the option period, the reserved spaces otherwise.

C. Payments of the guest / customer services and the restaurants
1. On the part of the restaurant is the right of contract by the client / customer a reasonable advance payment or security, eg demand in the form of a credit card guarantee.

2. From the restaurant down invoices are due immediately upon their receipt to the guest / customer. For the occurrence of default and default damages, the statutory provisions. The restaurant has the right to make each was written warning after he falls into a flat fee of 10% of the net invoice amount claimed.

3. If agreed premises, for whatever reason, not an exception is not available, the restaurant strives to procure equivalent replacement.

4. The restaurant accepts cash next following payment: EC / Maestro / Visa / MasterCard / Amex (credit card).

5. All prices are quoted in euros, including the prevailing rate.

6. Against claims of the restaurant, the guest / customer only on undisputed or legally valid claims.

7. Notwithstanding any other claims of the guest / customer the right to reduce the agreed compensation is excluded.
D. Withdraw from the contract
1. If the gem. C. 1 invoiced in advance or the security sought will not be extended despite the restaurant after the due date grace period set by the client / customer, the restaurant has the right to cancel the contract.

2. If you cancel (cancellation) of booked events (eg reservations) can be calculated:

a) To 7 days, for Friday or Saturday prior to the event no cost 3 - 6 days, for Friday or Saturday before the event 10% of the sum for menus / buffets the agreed event 1 - 2 days, for Friday or Saturday before the event 30% of the sum for menus / buffets the agreed event on the day of the event for Friday or Saturday, 70% of the total for menus / buffets the agreed event

b) Reduced, previously contracted, special prices are only valid for use of the agreed scope of services for the same compensation. If, at the request of the guest / customer at a mutually agreed reduction in the scope of services while simultaneously reducing the previously agreed price, the level of remuneration must be agreed.

c) Cancellations or conversions of orders booked by events, only in writing (e-mail, fax or letter) effectively.

3. The restaurant is entitled to withdraw from the contract for cause. Can amongst others as important reasons to look at,

a) acts of God, which makes the provision of services by the restaurant impossible;

b) if the restaurant has the right to accept that the event might jeopardize the smooth operation, security or the reputation of the restaurant or its clients in the public, without being attributable to the sphere of restaurants;

c) if the buyer false or misleading information to the contract essential facts, eg has made for the purpose of the event or the identity of the operator.

4. Newspaper ads that contain the data of the restaurants of invitations from trade shows or interviews, or using the name Restaurant Barococo for promotional measures of the contractor shall generally require the prior written consent of the restaurant. If a publication without the approval of the restaurants and affect the essential interests of the restaurant, the restaurant has the right to cancel the event and cancel the contract.
E. Notification requirements of the customer
For a common dinner (meals and buffets), the organizer of the restaurant at least three working days before the event, at kurzfristigerem contract before the event of contract, state the exact number of participants. This number is a guaranteed minimum number and is the organizer of the restaurant made ??in each case into account.

F. Liability of restaurants
1. In respect of all damages resulting from injury to life, body and health, and in the case of a warranty and fraudulent concealment of defects, the restaurant is liable under the statutory provisions.

2. For all other damages and claims for damages - regardless of their legal basis - that is not in item 1 F. falling and causing the terms of their restaurant, its legal representatives or its employees are only slight negligence can be blamed, the restaurant is liable only if the damage caused by a breach of a contractual obligation in a manner that endangers the purpose of the agreement. In such cases, the liability of restaurants is limited to the typical foreseeable damage.
G. Other
1. Bringing food and drinks into the entertainment of the guests hoc premises is strictly prohibited. Exceptions may be made only in consultation with the restaurant and the payment of a conventional house, to be agreed Korkgeldes.

2. The attachment of presentation materials or other items is not permitted without the consent of the restaurants. All decoration material must comply with fire regulations and must not leave any damage.

3. The ordering of function rooms for events is required, all the injected by him to remove packaging and / or information at their own expense. Do not come to the purchaser of this obligation, he is obliged to reimburse the restaurant resulting disposal costs.

4. The contractor is liable to the restaurant in full for any damage caused by himself, his agents or his guests to the building and inventory.

5. As far as the restaurant for the customer and authorized by the authorized foreign technical services, decorative or otherwise, to third parties is, in the name and for the account of the buyer. This is liable for proper performance over the third-party contractors and shall indemnify the restaurant from all claims of third parties.

6. Unused benefits Pauschal-Arrangements/Leistungspaketen will not be refunded.

7. Disturbances on the provided technical or other equipment, to the extent possible, be eliminated immediately. A retention or reduction of payments can therefore not be performed.

8. Abandoned items will be forwarded for consideration upon request. The restaurant is committed to a retention of 3 months. After this period, the restaurant has the right to hand over to the local lost and found items.
H. Severability - / written clauses / fulfillment place
1. Changes or additions to the contract, including these General Terms and Conditions must be in writing. Okay this is the output of the corresponding declaration by fax or e-mail.

2. Changes or additions to the contract including the gegeSollten individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid or void or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract and shall not be affected.

3. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Dresden when it is the Guest / Customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public law special fund, or if the customer is in the Federal Republic of Germany has no general jurisdiction.